Every exhibition and trade show by a company attracts their potential customers with a marketing strategy that involves disseminating promotional items.  Believe it or not, but promotional items do encourage attendees of the exhibition to a great extent to find your space and reach out to you. Rest assured, your product gets more eyes through a promotional item than it would have otherwise.

Take a look at some of the top-notch methods to plan, select, and distribute:

1.    Product Samples

Nothing speaks louder to your potentials than the samples of the very product you intend to sale in real life.Once having used it, they will long remember the quality and the experience associated with it. Having tried firsthand and been well informed about what you have to offer, the attendees will likely come back to your company when they need the same product again in their real lives.

2.    Food or Drinks

Hitherto not having eaten much, the attendees must have worked up an appetite until they reach your stall. Offer snacks or drinks to them so that the rest of their exhibition goes well fed; it is a good way to make way for their hearts as well. Cost-effective consumable giveaways also make way to a lively conversation about your brand.

3.    Tote Bags

Tradeshows and exhibitions are a place where most visitors are likely to get a lot of promotional items and giveaways, giving them enough space in the shape of a tote bag to collect it all in one place would be very thoughtful of you as a brand. Moreover, totes can be used to stuff almost any type of items, so people who have them will carry them to other places, such as gym, beach, university, and shopping malls as well.

4.    USB Charger

We all need our smartphones like lifelines every minute now. Unfortunately the fact that we use these devices virtually all the time also means low battery life more often than not. In such cases, if your brand is offering free USB chargers to the passer-by, it is likely you will be remembered by them as generous life givers to their phones.

5.    Tees

The most sought-after item in tradeshows and giveaways, tees never go out of style. Perfect for lounge or gym wear, tees hold different value for different people. People hunt down booths and stalls for collecting tees and the more tees you distribute, the more chances for your brand name to go places.

6.    Audio Devices

Everyone is obsessed with party feels these days. Offering Bluetooth speakers, earphones or headphones because these are the devices people used in their daily lives quite often.Headphones especially come with great space for your logo. Each earpiece with your logo on it is enough to remind the potential customers about you.


Distributing a giveaway does your company more good regarding marketing than imaginable. However, while you are planning a giveaway, make sure it is budget friendly, holds value for the potential customers and has the logo of your company chiseled, etched or printed somewhere on it so that the main idea of marketing your company’s name stays.