While we live in a capitalist society and entrepreneurs are virtually all around us; it is safe to say that in this era, the opportunities and innovations are endless. But so is the competition. In such a society, small entrepreneurs need not only be creative with their products, but they also need to be creative with the strategies through which their products become word of mouth, which brings us to the marketing strategies utilized to advertise the products.

While TVCs and magazine ads cost a fortune (to a small business that is still an infant), it is unlikely that they will always bring the expected results too. In the present ad-choked media environment (which at times might irritate the audience especially when the modern man’s all five senses are stimulated from virtually all directions), it is often best to go for direct, more subtle marketing efforts that are not only cost-effective but are likely to yield the best results.

One such example is branding campaigns done through the products of daily use. Out of all the senses, a marketer can use to convey their message; the subtlest is the sense of sight. Pay a little attention to the products even inside your home, and you’ll notice how many brands have already made their way to your coffee mugs, key chains, pens, Tees, tote bags and the list goes on.

Technology has already been the king of marketing since 2014 to 2017, and 2018 is only expected to enhance the trend, but the tried and true street style remains at work even now. To broaden your product’s outreach in the market, you have to step up the game by amalgamating the vintage and the tech-savvy millennial style. To illustrate the concept, consider using the custom apparel such as a T-shirt by introducing a hashtag in the design—this will help customers identify and talk about your products on social networking platforms. You may also put a web address or a QR code on your giveaways for user tracking, or a toll-free vanity number for prospective calls and queries.

While using all of the above methods is likely to bring results, the question remains how to target your prospective audience, which brings us to the rising role of the millennial influencers. As a small business in today’s era, you cannot deny the significance of social media, the various gadgets and just as many social networking sites. You also cannot deny the ease of accessing them from almost anywhere multiply your chances to reach out more prospective customers in the relatively smaller amount of time.

Look for potential bloggers and influencers to achieve this target and contact them by sending your products for review. Sending a product not only saves advertising bucks, but it also cost you as little as only the manufacturing. Introducing giveaways and promo codes to offer specific discounts can also be conveyed to your prospective customers through these social media influencers. However, keep in mind to accurately identify the niche of the influencer or blogger and then choose those whose niche is in line with yours.