Economically speaking, people are earning more, and their per capita income is on the rise. Quoting Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, millennials are the highest earning generation in human history. A high pay increases the living standards. And a benchmark of a high living standard is fashion following.

The latest trend in fashion that has gone viral in personalized printing and tailor-made branding are totes. The latest tilt in the fashion world is toward totes, and this newest trend can also be used as a wonderful and effective marketing tool. This durable, high quality and multi-purpose product is a breath of fresh air. A well-designed, eye-catching tote is curious, creative, and makes one want to stare at it just a little longer. All you need to add in that aesthetic is a brand name and voila! Here’s a something that sparks a conversation which quite possibly turns into a recommendation.

From the viewpoint of consumer psychology, totes aren’t just trendy; they are also a very benign way to grab the attention of public, especially without smothering the customers with loud, repeated TVCs or being too invasive in their privacy by personally approaching them. When a tote bearer with a company’s logo on it walks in the grocery store, around the gym, or even through the street, the public can’t help but notice it -and that’s how you have an image of your brand imprinted in their minds. It’s a perfect blend of brilliant design and usefulness. Also, the repetition due to constant exposure makes the tote a perfect accessory for business promotions.

Using global warming conditions to your advantage (benignly though), the customers might also be attracted in carrying your totes for shopping (or other purposes) because awareness has convinced them that traditional plastic bags are hazardous to the environment.

However, make sure that the design on the tote is appealing and would look good on the carrier. One example is aesthetically designing your tote with the product you deal in, (let’s say your business is about selling trendy dresses, you can design divas wearing floral dresses on the tote), and naming your brand small signature sized on the bottom right corner of the tote. This is a way to make your brand name less invasive while at the same time presenting an aesthetic example of the product you offer.

All those onlookers might turn into potential buyers through your slight tactic of brand awareness, and this is done without invading their privacy or spending fortune on traditional TVCs.  Tote bags are mobile advertisements with as many uses as the unique individuals using them. Some of them include using them as school, college or university bags,work bags, shopping carriers and virtually to carry anything anywhere. Branding everyday items are becoming more and more common. With technology on the rise and the heightened dissemination of gadgets all around the world, some printing companies print on phone cases as well. Printing on water bottles are some other instances.