With the advent of technology and age of millennials, the direction of marketing campaigns has changed drastically as well. The latest idea of marketing involves subtle ways of getting into the lives of your potential and actual customers so that their minds save a lasting image of your brand. One of the strategies of Guerilla marketing is to silently embed the idea into the hearts and minds of potential buyers. But that is only one way of the many latest strategies of marketing. Some other novel and creative marketing strategies that are worth your attention include:

1.    Use Creative Sassiness

Some marketing companies are taking creativity to the next level. Rethink Breast Cancer uses such a breast cancer awareness campaign, called Give a Care by, and used personalized care packages that could help each breast cancer patient according to their needs. These included a wide variety of products that those cancer patients could use but had not expressed their needs.

2.    Use Bespoke Electronic Product Designs

Another charity organization uses the eraser as bespoke USB device to disseminate awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and how its debilitating effect erases your memory gradually.

3.    Use Creative Humor

One of the most innovative and humorous campaigns involve that done by an insurance company using a car sticker for scratches. The actual, natural reactions of the car owners were video recorded when the scratch stickers were pasted onto their cars and the relief they experienced after having them removed when the campaign was disclosed. The take-home message was the kind of relief that the insurance policy ensured if it were an actual scratch.

4.    Use Promotional Apparel

Promotional apparel can never go out of style. It highly depends on you through how you choose to use this classical approach to marketing to fit your needs yet appeal to your target audience in the best possible manner. Make sure to make your apparel trendy or better yet, deliver a clever, witty or humorous remark on it so that it says it all not only for your brand but the one carrying it as well.

5.    Think Out of the Box and Use Technology to your Advantage

Wimbledon is renowned for its lively crowds and festive gathering. The coffees, fresh cream and strawberries and the atmosphere of Wimbledon alone are sufficient to give you a feeling of commemoration, even if you are not a diehard fan of tennis itself. Lavazza, the official Wimbledon coffee sponsor for the 6th consecutive year, decided to leap with their latest marketing strategy of printed coffee! They were the first ones to introduce a coffee with not the mainstream leaf and heart-shaped designs, but their customers' selfies on top of it! This idea turned out to be a huge success and only in two weeks of this idea breakthrough, the social campaign crossed over 1.75 million people’s awareness! The crowds flocked over to Wimbledon to get their selfies printed onto their coffees and never in the history of a sports event, a coffee cup made such a huge hype.

Concluding Remarks

Guerilla marketing and creative promotional ideas have been in for some time but the creativity is limitless, and so is the marketers’ scope. There can be seamless possibilities considering the age of technology in which we are living. All we need to do is get out of the box and explore the various opportunities lying out there, just waiting to be found.