With the increase in the number of entrepreneurs and advancement in technology and innovation, some of the commonly held beliefs about marketing have now turn obsolete. A few myths and preconceived notions that are not correlated with right marketing or may otherwise hinder the growth of one’s business are given below:

1.    Promotion is the same as advertising

Advertising and promotion are two distinct sub-branches of marketing. They might complement and often even overlap each other depending on the marketing campaign, but they are different concepts altogether. In fact, promotion goes one step ahead and multiplies the opportunities through which you can reach out to potential customers.

2.   The more marketing, the better

More is not always better. The emphasis should not be on the number of adverts but their quality. With the advent of technology, marketing has grown to be smarter and more goal-oriented. Targeting everyone should never be the aim of one’s marketing strategy. The audience that follows the niche of your company should be the target of your marketers. A common goal or interest shared by both parties strengthen the relationship between producers and consumers. Over marketing often affect the goodwill of the company and might eventually lead to cause irritation or fatigue to the potential customers.

3.    Marketing has to be expensive

Marketing necessarily doesn’t have to burn a hole in one’s wallet. With the advancing technology, social media and digital marketing have reduced the marketing costs to a shoestring budget, only if it is done smartly. Even target marketing is quite cheap on social media. Not to mention, you can do well on social networking websites without any paid advertising.

4.    Interdependency between sales and marketing does not exist

Both have the same focus and perspective. Sales and marketing, both ensure the potential profits for the company and are not only dependent but also have an impact on each other.

5.    Traditional marketing does not exist anymore

Although social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies have surfaced over time, they have yet not been able to wash the traditional marketing off entirely. Traditional commercials, billboards, and print adverts are still as much in use and probably more effective.

6.    Social media marketing does not have a lasting impact on audience

The simple power of a hashtag on social media is the quickest way available to reach out to your target audience. Today the smartphones offer at least one social networking application with which the potential customers might be obsessed with. Therefore advertising on social media increases your business reach twofold than any other way of marketing.  

7.    Social media is only for young people

If channeled well, age cannot hinder the possibility of your reach even to audiences other than the young ones. Although many people in their early adulthood or younger constitutes the social media, it highly depends on your social media marketing strategy how it reaches an older age audience indirectly, if not directly.