Creating an interesting advert or slogan is only one side of the success story of any entrepreneurship. The Staples' previous slogan best illustrated this example, ‘yeah, we've got that,' which was negated by the unhelpful services of the company's staff and often out of stock products. The complaint to compliment ratio was 8:1 back then.

Staples Easy Button

A series of interviews and focus groups led to the conclusion that all customers wanted was an ‘easier shopping experience’ regardless of the prices. The staples had to rethink its strategy, and a new slogan with the help of Mastercard's "Priceless" campaign genius- McCann Erickson was born. In one of the brainstorming sessions, a senior group creative director Leslie Sims opined that she wished for an easy button which when pressed would immediately give a solution so they could go to lunch. And that is where the idea of ‘Easy Button' was born.

A group of ‘easy button’ humorous commercials was produced, but the idea was not brought into the limelight until Staples had improved some of its key services.

Living Up To the Slogan

The office supply chain Staples' executive VP marketing, Shira Goodman, realized that an advertisement not translated into a similar experience led to a bad reputation of the company. And this realization led her first to introduce an update in staff, hassle free and simple product reach by eliminating products that were not related to the office and corporate world (such as Britney Spears backpack), and associates always at the customer's service. After all, a happy customer is a marketing tool in itself.

The Gimmick in Adverts

Almost a year was taken in updating the office supplies and staff after which a series of commercials first premiered on the TVs and later on Sunday’s Super Bowl. Many versions of the 30-second ad including a student in class not knowing the answer to the teacher's question; a father changing the diapers of his infants; a bucking horse being wrangled by a cowboy, and a surgeon performing a rather daunting surgery. In all situations, everyone is saved by an “Easy Button.” 

A voiceover concludes the spot saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if life had an easy button? Now there’s one for your business. Staples- that was easy.” An easy downloadable button was also introduced online that directly took the consumers to their website;

Key to Success - Consistency in Strategy

The idea of a humorous, easy button was so enthralling that even after five years of its birth, it remained the highest (70%) customer recall- almost double the market average of 43%. According to Nielsen Monitor-Plus, in the first 11 months of 2004, the average expenditure by the clients was $60 million on adverts. According to Adweek staff report statistics, a 30-second advert spot on Super Bowl 2005 was about $2.4 million on average.

The strategy has to be consistent with innovation only aimed at improving- not negating- the ideology of it.