The promotional mix consists of several strategies that are utilized by marketers to promote their products. The strategies involve public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and advertising. Wise allocation of resources amongst the five methods above is what will give you the right blend of the promotional mix which will then lead to successful sales. Promotional mix is a common term used for all the forms of communication that accompany establishes to communicate with prospective customers to promote their brand. It may even involve subtle ways to influence the buying behavior of the potentials.

A well designed promotional mix communicates on a level to a customer that is relatable. It defines the benefits and values associated with product or service. The idea is to use the varied methods mentioned above in a way that sets your organization apart from your competitors and give them a reason to choose your product in a sea of others.

Types of Promotional Mix

A huge number of elements inherent to the promotional ix are as follows. Choose each one of them to make the right blend, and your promotional will yield some fruitful results.

Advertising is the most common kind of promoting your brand. It is any way of paid promotion that directly conveys the message you are trying to embed in the minds of your customers. A specific sponsor can do it.

Personal Selling is the second type which involves in-store or in-person selling. This type of method also includes non-media or direct marketing which results in instant product demand by the consumers and the general public. This brings more humanness in the marketing process, and you get a chance to communicate, persuade and deliver valuable knowledge about the product or service to your customers or potentials in person.

Public Relations often involve nonpaid media coverage. The idea is to enhance the goodwill and reputation of your company via PR in front of the general public. If you are holding an event, make sure it gets enough press coverage. You can also do it through special events, press releases, sponsorships, community activities and newsletters. This kind of publicity is also known as free advertising, and it certainly costs less than a paid promotion on digital or size worthy print media.

Sales Promotions provide extra incentives to the customers to grab their attention. It is aimed at targeting potential buyers by offering them coupons, free samples, contests, premiums, rebates, and point-of-sale displays. This method is meant to stimulate at-the-spot sales. Discounts via specific coupons on Holidays and other special events are one of the most widely used forms of personal selling.

Points to Consider While Making a Promotional Mix

Before you establish a perfect promotional mix for your brand or company, put into consideration your target market, your main objectives as a company, the content and format of your message, and the promotional channels you are going to choose to deliver the formatted message.