Conventional methods or traditional marketing can be described as using newspapers, magazines or print adverts to advertise one’s product or business. It might as well include distributing flyers and leaflets to the potential customers. Commercials appearing on television, radio, and billboards are also prominent ways of conventional marketing.

In the modern era, numerous factors might inhibit the conventional marketing approach from working successfully. Some of the reasons why it won’t work anymore are:

Change in Consumer Buying Process

The modern age of the internet has turned the tables for not only the consumers but also the salespeople. Traditionally, consumers used to rely almost entirely on salespeople to educate them. However, people like to research on the internet, watch YouTube videos and read expert reviews before they make a purchase today. On average, a millennial buyer consults at least ten sources before making a buying decision; which also means that salespeople are almost entirely washed off the list of sources that are approached for the validation of product related queries.

The Interruptive Nature of Traditional Media

Traditional media, including television and radio commercials is intrusive. Not to mention, people hate it when their entertainment is interrupted by ads. They are not willing to consume any product unless they have been either approached through a conversation or in a manner of advertising that does not interrupt them too much. A recent study shows that 60% of the adverts streamed during an event do not necessarily lead to an increase in sales. Online ads have not shown an increase in buying behavior or intent either, and people tend to shift from the website if the ad is too intrusive. An interrupting ad might even lead to a turn off toward the brand. Therefore, it is not considered a suitable strategy for marketing.

Millennial Buyers Are Picky

With the largest demographic in the US, millennials have quickly become the most significant consumer base as well. Millennials are pretty susceptible to the spam emails, infomercials, weird numbers appearing on caller IDs. Being born into such an age leads them to trust less and do more research. Therefore, businesses that intrude into their aim of deciding on their own accord are never successful with the millennials. Instead, it's the businesses that allow them to look up facts and help them through the way by coaching are the ones that will win their bucks too.

Inability to Track ROI

This is undoubtedly very important for businesses if they want their advertisement money to yield results for them. Tracing the level of potential consumer engagement and return is worth it and should be taken seriously. Unfortunately, traditional marketing does not easily allow this type of tracking. Inbound digital marketing does a way better job when it comes to tracking the potential consumer behavior.  

Summing Up

This is not to say that traditional methods of marketing have become completely useless, but they are not as effective as the modern methods of marketing. It is the perfect proportion of traditional as well as modern promotional ideas that lays the foundation of successful marketing today.