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Custom Printed Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, Shopping Boxs available at Stitchy Lizard in Toronto, Ontario & Montréal, Québec.

A message is conveyed through presentation all the time. It is a cornerstone attribute of which our economy and life is built upon. Personalization demonstrates you care to make them feel valued and special. The value of a strategically branded bag can not be overstated. A bag can be a powerful ambassador for your brand and speak your message even when you are not around. Stitchy Lizard’s mission is to be the edge you need in competitively marketed world, literally in every industry.

People want to feel like they mean something. Stitchy Lizard recognizes such and provides custom printing on gift bags to fulfill all your gifting occasions. To compliment or diversify your gift presentation abilities, we can also produce customized gift boxes, tissue papers, and even poly bags for wrapping larger multi-textured items such as Easter or fruit basket.

If you are boutique owner selling candles, perfumes, and/or accessories, Stitchy Lizard can help you increase your market presence through more specified branding via customized wrapping and presentation materials. Boutiques, for instance, are inherently a very niche-driven environment with items that are not commonly seen at big box stores. Holding that line, with unique and complimentary bags/wrapping tissue, creates and maintains the exclusivity ambiance that patrons seek when frequenting your boutique.


Variations of texture, whether glossy or paper feel, can be applied to your order with ease. Should you be in search of providing your wedding guest with favors in decorative bad that reflects the beauty and importance of such an event, Stitchy Lizard can customize the bride and groom’s name as well as wedding date upon the glossy bag of choice. Make the weeding, from the vows to favors, a glowing representation of a beautiful marriage!

It doesn’t stop there; we can also help with customization of the following:

Plastic bags

Shopping bags

Plastic shopping bags

Specialty bags


Personalize your restaurant’s take out food bags, or even your produce bags for your neighborhood market! There are so many ways to maintain brand recognition even after the sale, leveraging the free advertisement of your customers as they roam around shopping with your bag in hand. Give the Stitchy Lizard customer service team and let us help unveil the possibilities!

We strive to partner with manufacturers who are sustainably guided and are striving to take care of the environment. With that being said, we actively look for partners who embrace and/or adopt sustainable forest initiatives so that active planting of new forest is occurring in concert with the present harvesting levels. In addition to such measures, we heavily encourage that our packaging and wrapping materials be reused or recycled.

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Custom Printing on Paper Bags, Shopping Boxes, Plastic Shopping Bags, Specialty Bags and other Bags & Knapsacks.Stitchy Lizard is your best source for Custom Promotional Printing on Paper Bags in Toronto. We can provide Printing on a variety of items like Paper Bags, Shopping Boxes, Plastic Shopping Bag, Popcorn Bags, Coffee Bags, Cookie Bags, Tissue Papers, Poly Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Courier Bags, Vinyl Suit Bags, Shirt/Sweater Boxes, etc. See our pricing and ordering information below, or contact us with any questions you may have. 


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