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Custom Embroidered / Screen printed rugby jerseys and team uniforms available at Stitchy Lizard in Toronto, Ontario & Montréal, Québec.

Rugby Jerseys: Rugby Uniforms -Men & Ladies

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Stitchy Lizard is a Canada-based company strategically located in the Liberty Village, Toronto. The company is globally recognized for its efficiency in embroidery, screen-printing, and making of promotional products. Part of their specialization is the production of rugby shirts. Rugby League players, referees, managers, and other stakeholders wear rugby shirts that can be either long-sleeved or short-sleeved. At Stitchy Lizard, we can make any of these rugby shirts customized to your preference.

Are you looking for rugby shirts to compliment your smart casual look? Stitchy Lizard is here for you. You can choose any style pattern and we will have them uniquely made for you!

Rugby Shirt Material, Colour, and Customization.

We design custom cotton shirts for your rugby team with either thin or standard collar twill. They come in varying styles and colours based on the fashion taste of the team. You can also have rugby shirts tailor-made for you from Stitchy Lizard!

We choose to make our rugby shirts from cotton because we recognize the need for maximum breathability.

We design the rugby shirts in different colours and patterns as per our clients’ specifications. Apart from the tailor-made hoops, we can also print any numbers or letters on the rugby shirts at surprisingly affordable prices.

You can also specify the material you want used to make your rugby wear and we will use our expertise to fulfill your desire. We know that your happiness depends on our ability to produce a product that matches your taste and preference.

Some of the best types of products available in our stores and how to make a choice

Here are some of the fashionable screen-printed and embroidered rugby products available in our stores:

• Rugby shirts

• Rugby uniforms

• Rugby jerseys

• Socks

• Rugby shorts

• Referee gear

What are Rugby Shirts commonly used for and who can use them?

We design our rugby shirts for rugby players, rugby fans, as well as the people that prefer their fashion sense. Like other types of sportswear, rugby shirts can be worn for recreational purposes and during athletic events.

What possible promotion uses can you gain from rugby t-shirts?

Stitchy Lizard can embroider and print rugby shirts using names of players. Companies can use these names as brand names to promote their products or services. This enhances brand recognition, which is essential for increased growth. Companies can also sponsor rugby teams so that their company names can be printed on the rugby shirts.

Rugby shirts can also be customized for your workforce in various design and color preferences. They can wear them on casual Fridays or for recreational purposes, such as when participating in friendly matches. The branded rugby shirts can help promote your company, organization, or business. Jerseys, socks, and shorts can also be custom made for your workforce for promotional purposes.

For all your needs of custom embroidered and screen-printed rugby wear, you can contact Stitchy Lizard. We are here for you!



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